Kristofer Ström is a Swedish Director, illustrator, animator, musician, graphic designer and clay sculptist. Attacks all creative tasks from a quirky point of view with splendid results. Is an internet phenomenon through his legendary video Hitchhikers choice from the band Minilogue. Kristofer is represented by Blinkink and Blinkart UK.

Kristofer Ström's KeyBotz
Hellmo - Hellmo is designed by Kristofer Ström, a Swedish graphic designer and animator, most famous for his Minilogue music video that has been quite viral on the internet and on youtube.
Andy Harm - From the KeyBotz Christmas Custom Show. All money goes to the Stockholm homeless.<br>
Please note that this is a hand made KeyBot and that colors and details 
might be fragile and that the KeyBot might not be able to be used as a 
keyholder but only as a nice piece of art in the bookshelf.<br>

Kristofer Ström