Rami would actually be a real happy go lucky guy, if he wasn't so damn strenuous. He's been perfecting his computer based art for a good 10 years now. Doesn't it normally take around 10 years to master a craft? Rami isn't quite there yet, he reckons, but he has learned a thing or two along the way. For example, that less is actually more. And color is good — very good. So come all ye faithful, give him a job or visit him at his modest studio lavishly rugged country house. He will certainly brew you a cup and treat you to a danish — if he doesn't happen to be in the nearby record shop woods hunting for some hopelessly knackered Proto-grunge LP juicy phesant. Rami is represented by Agent Pekka.

Rami Niemi's KeyBotz
Bo - Bo has been designed by Rami Niemi, a Finish illustrator and madman.

Rami Niemi